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JYJ Kim Junsu rewrites K-pop history with his world tour
문연배의 기사 더보기▼ | 기사승인 2012. 07. 21. 05:37

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JYJ member Junsu who has embarked on his solo career will write a new K-pop history of his own. Wrapping up his Asia tour which made stops in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and China, he is now preparing for another tour, this time in North and South America and Europe.

His first solo album "Tarantalegra" dominated international music charts, including Germany's Asia music chart, Chile’s Etc...TV pop chart and Japan's iTunes music chart. It also ranked on Billboard's top 10 world album along with its music video entering at No.1 on a Chinese weekly music video chart.

Junsu planned out a world tour from the early stage of his solo career as he had limited access to his fans with TV. So he consulted able promoters who were in charge of previous JYJ world tour, and planned out one for himself this time that would make two to three stops in the each continent.

Junsu is currently working on repackaging his first solo album in English for the upcoming world tour. World-renowned producer Bruce 'Automatic' Vanderveer who had collaborated with American singer Christina Aguilera and music video director Marc Klasfeld who worked with Beyonce, Eminem and Jay-Z participate in the repackaging process for Junsu's album and the music video.

As the news of Kim Junsu's world tour spread out, his fans across the country take part in a campaign, wishing his tour made a stop in their nations. Fans in Peru made a collection of photos in which every single one of them was holding Junsu's album and poster. His Mexican fans created a 5-minute video, entitled "Mexico is always waiting for you JYJ" on Youtube. Fans around Europe and South America posted messages online wishing for his visit to their countries.

A pop-culture critic in Korea said Kim Junsu was the very first solo musician launching a “world” tour, and his challenge wourld be worth looking at, because his overseas success could open a whole new world for solo artists, who did not relatively have much opportunities  in the overseas music market, compared to idol groups.

Kim Junsu’s repackage to his first solo album will be released in the middle of August, and he will kick off his highly-anticipated world tour in the end of this August.


ⓒ"젊은 파워, 모바일 넘버원 아시아투데이"


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